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If I get sick, I'll kill you or don't judge a book by its cover


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If I get sick, I'll kill you or don't judge a book by its cover

blewgo | Dec 9, 2008 05:14 PM

Have any favorite restaurants that that most people wouldn't venture into on a bet? There was a Greek/seafood restaurant in Houston that had the best fried shrimp I've ever tasted. When I first started going there it was in an old shack off Main street. The roof was in such bad shape that they had to close when it rained. The booths didn't have cushions so your nose came to table level when you sat in one. I took a friend there for her birthday and had to convince her to go in. When we got in she said "if I get sick, I'll kill you". She stayed, ate the shrimp and it became her favorite restaurant. If you were in Houston in the 70s you might remember a place called Zorba the Greek.

I live in the Raleigh/Durham area now and while none of my favorite restaurants can compare with Zorba's in the early days We do have a few you might bypass based on their outside appearance.

1) Wimpy's. A Durham Hamburger institution. They make great burgers and other things. I can't get past the burgers, but I've heard their biscuits, beans and soups are good.

2) Roast Grill. They only serve hot dogs. No chips, no fries and no ketchup, but great dogs. Oh, they do have pound cake and baklava.

3) Merrit's General Store. They have several things on the menu but the BLTs are the reason to go there. They come in three sizes, but the small is big enough for me.

I was just looking at Google Earth and found that the three North Carolins places are showing up in street view. Would you stop at one of them?

In order we have Wimpy's, Roast Grill and Merrit's.

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