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Shoulder London Broil Boneless...Jaccard Meat Tenderized...Low Temperature Oven Roasted With Reverse Sear...WOW...Very Tender...With Pictures.

fourunder | Jan 7, 201410:05 PM     14

A recent thread, started by another poster, titled *eye of round, top round, bottom round--differences?* got me to think why anyone purchases, or even likes some Round Cuts, especially Bottom Round. Top Round to me is also a very poor choice for beef, but it is a staple in the showcase in any market or butcher across the USA. Now Eye Round really mystifies me, as to me it is a very tasteless piece of meat, but i clearly know that my opinion can cause huge debate and enemies, as it it the choice for many for Roast Beef Dinner and Cold Roast Beef Sliced Thin for Sandwiches. We'll have to save that debate for another day.....the purpose of this thread is to try to change your mind about the usual Top Round London Broil offered in your Supermarket and get you to Consider the Shoulder London Broil as an alternative.

Please, all you who want us to know London Broil is not a Cut of Beef, but a method...we already know.

Typically, both Top Round and Shoulder Roast are normally sold for about $4-5/lb. retail. When they go on sale they can be as little as $2-3/lb. so they make great value for some to feed 2-4 for dinner...and or have leftovers.

While grilling may be the choice for many, this was prepared using a combination of Low and Slow oven roasting and the Reverse Sear Method. The low and slow was used to naturally tenderize the meat....The reverse sear to give it a little crust....

Here's how it was done:

The process:
• Removed from packaging

• Punched the entire surface area of the steak three times on both sides of the steak

• Seasoned with Kosher Salt and Fresh Cracked Black Pepper

• Sat out for two hours until it reached a temperature of 59*

• Placed the steak on a wire rack into a pre-heated 225* oven, top rack.

• A digital probe thermometer was inserted and set for 130*

• It took 90 minutes to reach 127*

* The meat was rested for 60 minutes inside the oven @ 140*

• Removed and placed onto a pre-heated Cast Iron Grill Pan to sear for 1minute on each side, 2.0 minutes total time searing..

• Removed from grill pan and placed back onto the wire rack and covered for 8 minutes.

• Perfect Medium-Rare

This process produced a very tender steak/London Broil to a perfect cooked temperature. This is a method I would use again,

This piece of meat was 1.3 pounds, $2.99/lb. extended to $4.31...very inexpensive

Enjoy the pictures.

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