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Who makes a better shopper -- women or men?

alkapal | Sep 2, 201101:59 PM

I usually find that men I see in the grocery store could not care less about sales….they just grab the "item" and get going. There can be one a foot away and it is just the same quality (or even better maybe) and ⅔ the price -- but the man grabs the first one he finds. Same thing -- pretty much -- about produce. Grapes -- eh, they look OK, celery -- who cares if the leaves are there? onions? oh, there's a bag!

I think the grocery stores must love men shoppers -- when they come in to shop, that is!

What is your experience?

Do you think men are less careful as "shoppers" than we women?

Do men take as much time as women in the grocery store?

Do you think men just shop the "item" and not look for any sale of a similar "item" of comparable quality? <Granted, some of us do stick to certain brands for certain items, sale or not.>

Do you think I have stirred up a hornet's nest? Press #1 for YES, #2 for NO, #5 for Customer Service, #0 for I DON'T CARE A RAT'S patookus.

HAVE AT IT! (And have a great Labor Day weekend!).

PS, Who does the grocery shopping in your family? And do you use a list?

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