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my shirmp have the blues...and other cooking questions


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my shirmp have the blues...and other cooking questions

Liv Huang | Jun 4, 2004 12:44 PM

I made shrimp and pea risotto last night (last time I ever try an involved new dish on a week night...we didn't eat till 9:30pm!). I peeled and devined my shrimp then set them in a brine (kosher salt, white sugar, filtered water, nothing else) in the fridge. When I took them out, the brine was blue! A very unnatural blue jean kind of blue. What happened? The shrimp still looked okay and neither of us got sick so I'm guessing it was a harmless chemical reaction like when the garlic turns blue (mentioned in earlier posts on this board)?

Also, it was my first time making risotto so I didn't really know what to expect but as I ladlled in broth and stirred my rice it took twice as long as the recipe (60 min vs. 30) said it would and needed twice as much liquid (4 cans of broth vs 2) as expected. Was I doing something wrong? I was afraid of turning the heat up too much and burning it.

Lastly, the recipe also called for 2 glasses of dry white wine. Hub and I don't drink, we only use it for cooking so we don't own any wine much is considered "a glass?" 6 oz? 8oz? Thanks!

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