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Shipping Sweets to my Sweetie


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Shipping Sweets to my Sweetie

LisaM | Sep 10, 2003 04:59 PM

My boyfriend is currently in Scotland, and I'd like to send him some home-baked chocolate chip cookies to put a smile on his face - and in his belly!

Can anyone advise how I can ship them (or if I should even try), to maximize freshness and minimize breakage? First class usually takes 4-7 days; is that OK? I'm debating a Rubber Maid container (with or w/o paper towels or wax paper between layers), or maybe a metal tin (which would probably be heavier and more expensive). Would paper towels or wax paper make for a crispier or chewier product upon arrival?

Anyone done this before, successfully?? Please advise.


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