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SheerBliss Pomegranate Ice Cream IS Sheer Bliss


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SheerBliss Pomegranate Ice Cream IS Sheer Bliss

rworange | Mar 18, 2006 02:44 AM

Yes it IS worth $5.99 for a pint. Haagen-Dazs tasted positively crude in comparison.

The price and the preciousness of the packaging made me hesitate. It is in beautiful steel-anodized cans ... but there’s an EXCELLENT reason ... it protects against freezer burn.

I don’t buy supermarket ice cream often, but I had some pomegranate molasses that I wanted to try out drizzled on ice cream and there was the SheerBliss next to the Hagan Daaz. So fine, I got both.

Yah know, that pomegranate ice cream is excellent, but drizzled with pomegranate molasses ... wowee !!!

This stuff is so good, I went back and bought another one in another flavor immediately.

Sheer Bliss uses POM 100% Pomegranate Juice.

Pomegranate flavors include:
California Pomegranate
Pomegranate with Dark Chocolate Chips
Vanilla with Pomegranate Swirls
Freedom (Vanilla with Pomegranate and Blueberry Swirl)

There is also Mediterranean Coffee; Chocolate; Vanilla; and a Pomegranate ice cream bar coated in dark chocolate.

Pomegranate with chocolate ... the health super food ... well, I’m telling myself that.

I guess the being full fat “Ultra Super Premium” ice cream negates the health benefits but it is super smooth. It has 66% saturated fat. Haagen-Dazs has a measly 55%.

That high-fat content gives SheerBliss an elegant, silky, decadent, super-smooth mouth feel. The taste is wonderful with restrained sweetness matched by a mild tang and a lovely true pomegranate flavor.

I didn’t have luck with two other flavors – Vanilla with blueberry/pomegranate swirl or vanilla with pomegranate swirl.

The problem was that somewhere along the line the ice cream melted and was re-frozen. Opening it, you could see that something went wrong and a taste confirmed it.

So I can’t recommend these flavors until I get a pint that didn’t melt. Raley’s exchanged the first bad pint. Now I have to take this other one back.

Given all of that, I don’t think I’d get the swirls again because the pure pomegranate was so perfect and the swirls didn’t do much to enhance the vanilla. I’d like to try the flavor with chocolate shavings or the chocolate covered bar.

The ice cream contains cane sugar, no egg yolks, is kosher-certified and says it has no preservatives, artificial colorings or flavors.

However, Haagen-Dazs wins as far as natural ingredients since the vanilla ingredient list is: Cream, skim milk, sugar, egg yolks, and natural vanilla.

Sheer Bliss has Cream, Milk, Cane Sugar, Nonfat Dry Milk, POM Wonderful 100% Pomegranate Juice, Guar Gum, Carob Bean Gum, and Carrageenan.

However, the Haagen-Dazs was too sweet by comparison and wasn’t as smooth. The lack of egg yolks in SheerBliss gave it a lightness. I’ll bet it would be good sprinkled with fresh pomegranate seeds.

Not sure the reason, but unlike ice cream in paper cartons, the tins leave about 1/8 inch space from the top of the can.

Here’s the link to the website which is one of the most annoying I have ever seen. Every link takes a while to load.

Even the list of locations is not alphabetized or in any particular order ... maybe they just keep adding to it as they get more stores. It is incomplete since my local Raley’s is not on it.

To say who they sell to is eclectic is an understatement ... everything from a few Whole Foods to 7-11. Really, who in their right mind goes into 7-11 to buy a six buck pint of ice cream?

In my area they sell to a market in Pt. Richmond, also called “Hidden City”. After a couple of decades living here even I didn’t know this place existed. Yet, IMO, the ice cream is well worth finding … especially the pomegranate.


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