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Sharing food etiquette - the SAME serving spoon (??)


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Sharing food etiquette - the SAME serving spoon (??)

anonymous for this post | May 31, 2006 01:08 PM

Dear Hounds-

I read posts back to 5/1/06 and didn't find this topic, so please point me to a similar post if I missed it. I have a problem, but am wondering if I'm just being too sensitive, or whether my concern is legitimate. Can you give me your thoughts?

The person whom I am currently dating is a fun person and more importantly, an adventurous eater. However, when we share meals, this person does something that makes me want to scream. A good example is getting takeout from Zankou Chicken. Let's say we share a tarna plate and something else. This person will use a spoon to get some hummus and put it on his/her plate. Fine. But with that SAME SPOON with hummus all over it, scoop some of the eggplant sauce. Now the two are mixed. And then, proceed to get a little of everything else, with the same spoon. Alternative example - can you imagine scooping hummus first, and then with same spoon getting a little tabboleh from a shared container?

It drives me crazy. I don't care if goes down all the same. The different parts of meal have different tastes, and I prefer to enjoy them as served separately, not a mish-mash of stuff. I said nothing the first time. Second time - gently teased this person that he/she would fail chemistry class, and why. Third time, politely requested that if a spoon touches something sticky, that doesn't come off cleanly, to please not mix food. Worked that one time, but never since.

So, please chime in. Am I being too picky? Is this a legitimate gripe? If yes, suggested actions?

Thank you so much.

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