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Can anyone share a good basic method for grain salads?


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Can anyone share a good basic method for grain salads?

butterfat | Jul 2, 2009 02:04 PM

I'm hoping someone out there has mastered the grain salad and can enlighten me.

I have a six month old baby and am just starting to try to cook a bit more, and eat a bit healthier, after the bare-bones survival of the newborn phase. I like things that can be made ahead and that are good cold or at room temperature since I'm often interrupted (or holding a baby) while eating.

Grain salads seem like a good idea in theory--brown rice, barley, quinoa, some vegetables, some flavorings. Nice and healthy and should keep well in the fridge.

But I always seem to end up with mush when I improvise a salad of this sort. Does anyone have any tips? Do you let the grains cool first? Rinse them? At what point do you mix everything together, and what kind of dressing do you use? And what do you like to add in to make them a bit more exciting and appetizing? (So you don't just feel like you're eating cold, hard brown rice . . . )

Or if you just have a specific recipe you like, please share. Thanks in advance hounds!

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