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The "new" New Shanghai, Chinatown, Boston (and a dinner get-together)


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The "new" New Shanghai, Chinatown, Boston (and a dinner get-together)

Limster | Mar 23, 2006 12:33 AM

Read about the chef change there in a recent thread (linked below).

Same owners as Shanghai Gate in Allston, as mentioned by Paul (see thread below). But the chef isn't the same, they've got another Shanghainese chef there that used to cook in Shanghai; folks there seem to consider them as being of approximately the same calibre. The menu's different from that of Shanghai Gate.

Great sauce on the sweet and sour baby ribs. Not cantonese tomato-based sweet and sour, this version relies on black vinegar and sugar, with perhaps sublte infusions of other spices. The baby ribs themselves are a bit on the tough side but would be better if they had attained a more jerky like texture. They admit they've toned down the sweetness a bit (Authentic Shanghainese dishes can be exceedingly sweet, even if they're meant to be savoury.)

Salted pork shoulder is really a cold cuts of sliced pork trotter, good flavour, good consistency in the rim of firm fat. A little bit of aspic for more flavour. Very enjoyable.

They seem to be able to make squirrel fish with advanced notice; but it seemed that the elaborate beggar's chicken was too tall an order. I'll probably be requesting other Shanghainese dishes that I haven't been able to get here (e.g. wuxi style crispy eel, dragonwell shrimp) when I get the chance.

2 small dishes aren't much to judge a place , but at least it looks like it's worth more investigation, especially with a good assessment from Paul, who's tried more stuff there. I'm going to try to put together a group for dinner there at 8pm next Tuesday March 28. (I might try to advance order 1 or 2 more labour intensive dishes to see how good they are.) If you're interested, email me at the email address above. (As per site policy, no discussion of dinner logistics and no RSVPs here please.) I'm hoping to get a max of 8 people and will maintain a waiting if demand exceeds that. Everyone's welcome.


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