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Shabbos lunch sous-vide


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Shabbos lunch sous-vide

Shmendrik | Feb 3, 2011 05:07 PM

Ok, so I just learned about this whole sous-vide cooking thing, which I'm sure most of you have known about for years. For those as out of the loop as I am, sous-vide involves cooking vacuum sealed foods in warm water (eg about 140 F) for very long periods, up to a few days. As I understand it, the point is the entire piece of meat (or other food) only gets heated to the exact temperature you want, as opposed to when you grill a steak and only the middle is rare but the outside gets a lot hotter.

There are now sous vide machines you can buy at home for a few hundred dollars, or you can rig up your crockpot for a lot less than that.

It occurred to me that this might a good way to cook something other than cholent for Shabbos lunch. The only downside I can see is that chefs usually brown the meat very briefly after cooking it, to allow the Maillard reaction to occur and to give the food a more appealing external color. However, you could probably get around this depending on how you serve and present the food.

Any thoughts? Has anyone tried this?

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