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SF Chron article on Slow Food Salon


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SF Chron article on Slow Food Salon

Christine DiBona (not CHRIS DiBona (he's the husband..)) | Dec 31, 2000 01:52 PM

Mmmmm....lardo. Cesare Casella started our dinner with a plate of this when we went to see him, back when he was still working the family restaurant outside of Lucca. Did anyone else stand at the open fridge as a kid, scraping a knife over the end of a stick of salted butter, letting the curls melt on your tongue? It's like that, only better.

The link below is to an article in the 12/31/2000 issue of the San Francisco Chronicle, by Patty Untermam, about the Slow Food convivia in October,2000. So much to eat!! Anyone else planning on going to the Salone de Gusto in 2002?



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