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SF Bakers'Dozen: coffee cake


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SF Bakers'Dozen: coffee cake

Cynthia | May 17, 2003 12:11 PM

First of the season homemade strawberry jam, raspberries, chocolate, blueberries, figs, hazelnuts, almonds and cinnamon created a wealth of coffee cake delight. A truer testament from Peter, " It was an indeed an excellent evening of coffee cakes, spring vegetables, and roasted chicken. Looks like my Sunday mornings will be booked for the next few weekends baking up the recipes I collected, as well as augmenting mine with ideas I picked up last night."
A walk around the table, coffee cup in hand—Blue Bottle Coffee, became a journey of temptations. The Raspberry Almond Coffee Cake was rich and buttery and layered with a perfect counterpoint of raspberry jam and almond streusel.The Prize Coffee Cake was moist and divine with beloved blueberries. The Sour Cream Coffee Cake layered chocolate chips with a hazelnut streusel oozing between its tender golden crumb. The Quick Crumb Coffee Cake exploded our tastebuds with its cocoa nib streusel and homemade strawberry jam. Today's Crumb Cake was a simple cinnamon cake. The Fig and Chocolate Coffee Cake was enhanced with its orange oil essence and simply magnificent. So, when is a coffee cake more than just a ersatz convenience for something sweet to nosh? This chowhound baking group brings the best of ingredients to weave taste and texture and richness together with inspiration.

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