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How Few Sets of Wine Glasses Can I Get Away With?

Jim Leff | Nov 13, 201103:27 PM

I started a thread about this a couple years ago: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/670437

The answers were so divergent and detailed that I was left immobilized (though impressed and grateful, 'cuz the replies were really savvy). Never did buy glasses. I've mostly just let my vino sit (no biggie; I rarely drink at home).

But I'm asking again now, and will rephrase this time to hopefully draw the sort of advice I'm looking for.

I need wine glasses to serve the following stuff in my basement:

---Wonderful vintage port bought in the 1980's (I need glasses to really bring out their best)

---Decent cabs (though I do have one bottle of 1966 Palmer, my fave and the sole splashy gift to myself from selling the site....but I'll likely never drink it, so never mind)

---Some cheap mixed-grape miscellaneous mutt-ish reds

---Very occasional white wines, usually Rieslings and Sancerres, rarely very high quality.


1. How few sets of glasses can I get away with? And which should I get?


2. Any bargains out there right now on anything recommended?

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