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Okay, I need a set of knife stuff. Budget: $850

shezmu | Feb 10, 201212:17 AM

I have spent way too much time researching kitchen knifes and watching videos of other people using knifes that are actually sharp. Now I want my own sharp toys. :p I'm going to need knifes that are going to be good for work. My budget is $650 before the suji and Deba, but that includes the knifes as well as the cutting board, sharpening method, and whatever else goes with knife maintenance. Including the other two knifes I don't want to spend more than $850. I'm not getting this all at once so the budget is fudge-able, but my conscious wouldn't like it. That said, here's what I'm thinking about getting:

The knife team:

240mm Hiromoto AS gyuto - I've never had a carbon knife before, but I've been practicing carbon knife maintenance with the one good(ish) knife I have at the moment (a 6inch wusthof santoku) and I'm willing take on the challenge for the sake of having a 20 total degree edge that lasts for days in a commercial kitchen with just maintenance.

150mm Hiromoto AS Petty - as far as I've researched, a 150mm petty does the work of a paring knife and more except for very detailed work, with a little badassery. Though I'd probably sooner tell the chef to go count grass than cut several hundred apple gooses a day, so hey.

300mm sujihiki - I haven't done much research, but being that I'd only use this knife for slicing and portioning (derp), I'm looking to get something that can take a 10 degree edge relatively well and obviously be more delicate with the knife. Get a white steel suji perhaps? I don't know what brand I should get though. I should point out that I'd prefer yo handles over wa handles.

~180mm Deba, aka "THE CAN OPENER" - I like and should eat more fish anyway, and having a tougher knife around isn't exactly a waste. Likely more for home use than work use. For my needs, I believe a yo deba would be better for me, but I don't know what brand to get. How good is a yo deba for breaking down fish?

The Stoner team:

I don't know much about stones beside the fact that I need them. :p That said, I know I want water stones that can be stored in water and are hard and/or wear slowly. That said, I want:

A 1000 grit, a 4000 grit, and a 6000 grit water stone

A balsa wood strop pad with .5 Micron Chromium Oxide Semi paste

Hard felt deburr block.

diamond sharpening stone just for flattening and,

Some cheap knife to practice on. Likely a kiwi knife.

Knife accessories:

A 12 x 18 hard maple reversible board - I'll likely get one from Boardsmith since the price seems to be good for what you get. I'll likely get another board later on (*cough*http://www.geeky-gadgets.com/wp-conte...), but for now I just want to have one good one and avoid cross contamination through badassing it up.

Messermeister 5pc knife roll

Finally, does there exists an apron that has pockets for knifes? I'm drawn to the idea of always having my knifes on me, especially at work. That said, thank you for reading this and especially thanks to anyone who responds with their thoughts.

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