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Serving gravy over crispy fried stuff - why?


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Serving gravy over crispy fried stuff - why?

dmd_kc | Jun 7, 2009 11:13 AM

I had lunch at one of my favorite diners just now, and decided to splurge on chicken friend steak, because they make it really well. I ordered my gravy on the side, but my server had a miscommunication with the kitchen, and I got it covered with the gravy.

I know this is common -- but I absolutely don't get it in any way. I feel the same about a lot of dishes, like tempura floating in broth, for example. Surely I can't be the only one who thinks the textural combination of fried batter and wetness totally ruins a dish.

I like some, but not all, of the bites dipped in the gravy as I go. That way, the breading stays crunchy. But I still prefer almost anything fried unadorned.

And no, I didn't send it back, but instead grumbled about it and annoyed my dining companion. But I have to say, it was a complete waste of the calories and fat

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