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What to served with cured fillet (raw)


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What to served with cured fillet (raw)

JudiAU | May 13, 2004 03:10 PM

I finally scored a copy of the original _Whole Beast: A Guide to Nose to Tail Eating_ with help from Bonnie Slotnick Cookbooks.

The pictures are revelatory and put to rest, finally, what a deep fried pig tail looks like. (Exactly what you think.)

The first recipe we made was a beef tenderloin, which was cured for three days in salt, sugar, and fresh rosemary. It is thinly sliced and served raw with a French celeriac salad.

It is, quite frankly, terrific.

Very tender and toothsome with a concentrated beefy flavor. It reminds one of carpaccio, rare beef, bresola, and American-style jerky in one tender little package. Because the water is extracted the beef contracts in 1/3 in size. This will be a party staple for years to come.

So far we have tried it four ways and are looking for additional presentations. All of them have been based on the traditional pairings for the dishes listed above.

- Served with classic celeriac salad in mustardy dressing

- Served with creamy cracked mustard sauce

- Served the beef wrapped around spicy salad greens dressed with lemon juice, olive oil, and parmesan (probably our favorite)

- Husband stripped a portion of the loin after two days and lightly cooked it. He now intends to cure all beef roasts for 24 hours.

Question: What else or how else can we serve it? We have enough for a dinner party tonight.

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