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Bat Guano | Feb 7, 2008 06:59 AM

So I was making a cajun mushroom sauce for pasta last night, to go with some mahi-mahi and spinach. Sauteed some crimini mushrooms, chile peppers, garlic, cajun seasoning and extra oregano in olive oil and butter; after a while added some white wine, pasta water, and a bit of cream. And then my eye lit on the bowl of guacamole left over from the Super Bowl; starting to darken on top, though it was still bright green under the oxidation, but it didn't taste quite fresh anymore and I was considering tossing it. But I says to myself, what the hell, and stirred it into the sauce, just long enough to warm it, before adding the pasta and finishing with a bit of fresh basil. And it was really pretty good. The avocados added a very nice creamy texture, and the flavors actually worked pretty well together. Well, alot of the same stuff: garlic, hot peppers, and so on, and although the avocado and lemon were discordant notes they still worked well. Probably not something I'm likely to repeat, because it's not often I have leftover guac, but it was a good experiment.

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