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When you send something back . . .


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When you send something back . . .

KCMiller | Aug 4, 2011 09:19 AM

What do you expect from a restaurant when you send a dish back? I ask this because of what happened to me last night. Briefly, my husband and I went to a fine dining restaurant, and I ordered a dish that came out totally wrong (walleye piccata came covered in cajun seasoning). I sent it back, nicely, then waited almost 20 minutes for my replacement dish to arrive. No apology, no manager checking if it was OK, no offer of coffee or dessert on the house, not to mention no offer to take it off the bill. And the replacement dish was not well done, either - no seasoning at all, from what I could tell, just broiled fish. I didn't bother to send it back again, we just asked for the check.

So, is this typical? What do YOU expect when you have to send something back? Was I wrong to think that, at the very least, a manager would stop by to see if everything was OK?

Thanks for your input!


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