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Seattle food & drink report (brief)

blork | May 22, 200501:45 PM    

A few weeks ago I asked for advice on pubs and seafood restos in Seattle. I've been there and back so I thought I'd pop in with a "thanks" and a brief report.

My first evening in Seattle was a Sunday, and I went to the Elysian brew pub on Pike, as recommended. The beer was excellent, although the "Wise Extra Special Bitter" was almost too extra special in that it was razor sharp and bitter enough to make my lips pucker. Still, it was good. The food was mighty fine too -- my friend had the fish & chips (outstanding) and I had a pulled-pork sandwich that was mouth watering.

A few days later I stopped into the Six Arms and had an excellent Porter. It was right after lunch so I wasn't hungry, which is too bad, because I saw some fries on someone else's plate and they looked really really good -- long, fresh-cut and crispy. Not even slightly limp.

I also found the Big Time brew pub in the University District (on "the Ave"). Another great porter and a pretty cool pub.

Food-wise, the highlight was Flying Fish, where I made a meal of four appetizers. In retrospect, three would have been enough, but hey, I was hungry.

Is started with an outstanding cherry tomato and arugula salad that was quite hefty and served with an excellent creamy fennel dressing and big sheets of parmesan cheese.

Then came a lobster and crab ravioli. While it was certainly tasty, the seafood was a bit lost in the earthyness of the sauce. I'm not sure what the sauce was made of, but there were mushrooms in there, and flavors of cognac, cream, and possibly demi-glace. Delicious, but overwhelming for the lobster and crab.

Next up were the smoked shrimp spring rolls. Wow! They were really delicous, with a fine, not overwhelming smoky aroma and flavor. This is a big appetizer (as were the others) that could easily be shared.

Finally, the ahi tuna poke, which was described as a "sashimi experience." Indeed it was. A tower of raw ahi tuna on a bed of chukka, topped with crispy ribbons of fried won-tons. It could have been a main course.

Thanks for the recommendations!

BTW, I wrote about the beer experiences a bit more over at the Good Beer Blog:

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