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Screw Top - Rant

Scott M | Dec 4, 2008 01:22 PM

Okay, here is something that is bothering me and I figured this was a good forum to vent and get some opinions.

I belong to a wine mailing list where the wines offered run between $30-$75 a bottle. This is a rather small winery. When I started buying wine from them years ago they were using traditional cork stoppers and foil. As of last year they moved exclusively to the screw top on all their wines

The problem I have is I like to eat out fairly regularly and will often bring wines that I have purchased and cellared for 5-10 years out to dinner. I feel like I can not bring a screw top wine to a restaurant. In addition, if I went over to someone's house for dinner and was to bring a bottle of wine I would not want to bring a screw top wine.

I am a little annoyed that this winery went to screw top. I understand the flaws of natural cork but I am willing to live with them. If a winery insists on not using natural cork then I would prefer a synthetic cork with a foil . I have a big problem paying good money for a screw top wine. I like the ceremony of cutting the foil, and pulling the cork. The snap of a screw top just doesn't cut it.

Should I tell the winery my feelings and mention I will no longer purchase their wine due to the screw top?

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