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Scored Le Creuset skillet for dirt cheap

Mojave | Feb 25, 201202:47 PM

Just went to BB&B for something not for the kitchen, decided to check out the clearance section. Lo and behold there was a caribbean blue Le Creuset skillet for $32.00, originally $125. It is used, but only once or twice and whoever had it hated it or didn't know how to use cast iron. Otherwise it is in gorgeous shape.

I want to completely clean it though, including the cast iron interior mostly because of the ick factor - I have no idea what was in this pan before. I know to use bar keepers friend on the outside but what about the interior?

Also, I surprisingly didn't find much in terms of the LC non enameled skillets on here but what I did see people either love it or hate it. Is it any different than any other cast iron skillet, like a lodge? Does it even work? It sounds like for some people it doesn't really do much except sit there.

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