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Scord in Boston -- Question


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Scord in Boston -- Question

Willy | Oct 6, 2003 10:16 PM

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I've lived here more than a decade, and recently described baked scrod as breaded cod. Someone answered that scrod isn't breaded and that it's either cod or haddock, but it sure seems to me that the scrod I eat has bread crumbs on it.

I don't have it so often that I can recite the recipe, but what do people here say? Don't give me the dictionary definition and don't tell me how some New American food temple "interprets" scrod. Tell me the ingredients for classic Boston scrod like you get all over the place here.

I thought it over and I think that in Boston, most scrod is baked and topped with bread crumbs, but that some will wind up being broiled and breadless. What do others think?

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