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"New School Teriyaki" shelf-stable sous vide sauce from ChefSteps with boneless pork chop turned out great!

BostonBestEats | Dec 11, 201807:05 AM     1

So ChefSteps, the makers of the Joule immersion circulator, have a new business, selling 16 different room temperature, shelf-stable sauces for sous vide cooking. Actually 17 sauces were available when I ordered last week (free 5 day delivery by FedEx), since they had a temporarily available "Thanks Give Me More Sauce" Thanksgiving turkey sauce as well.

I bought all 17 and tried out the first one last night, "New School Teriyaki", along with the recommended recipe for "Teriyaki Pork Chops Over Rice with Broccoli & Green Onions", and it turned out great!

When you open up the folded paper package you find a sealed, strong ziplock bag containing the sauce. On the first screen in the Joule app there is now a button that prompts you to scan the sauce label and you are instantly taken to the recommended recipe for that sauce. In typical CS app style, you choose your protein (for this recipe pork, chicken or salmon was recommended, but you can select anything), designate its thickness and the visual doneness level you want, and start the cook and timer. It also takes you visually through the various steps in the recipe.

I did two 1 inch-thick boneless pork chops, seared cold for 60 seconds a side, and then sous vide directly in the sauce at 136°F for 1 hour.

When served with steamed broccoli over sushi rice (I used my rice maker rather than the recommended rice recipe), the sauce had a lovely bright citrusy flavor, some texture from the herbs, not too thick, not too sweet, and it definitely didn't taste anything like something from a bottle I bought at the grocery store. If I served it to you blind, you'd think I made it from scratch.

While I would say it was on the more basic side relative to many of the CS recipes I've prepared, it was a tasty, easy peasy 1 hour dinner for two for $6.95 (sauce) + $3 (protein & veggie).

Looking forward to trying the other sauces.

See the sauces (no connection to me): https://shop.chefsteps.com/collection...

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