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Scary recipes from Kraft Magazine


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Scary recipes from Kraft Magazine

Morganna | May 20, 2009 05:52 AM

I admit it, one of my guilty pleasures is that Kraft Foods magazine called "Food and Family" that I got just by sending them my spam-catcher email address. Very occasionally there's a recipe in there that I'd try, or like, or could modify with real food ingredients using their prep method, but that's just the excuse I tell myself to justify getting the magazine.

In reality I get it to cackle.

This month, on the first page, no less, I was paid off handsomely. A summertime favorite recipe: Guacamole... Read along with me. ;D

Avocado, right, yeah, that's a given. Lime juice *nod nod* yep. Garlic, yep yep keep it coming... Miracle Whip Dressing....


It's like every one of the recipes they come up with gives me much the same reaction "what the heck is THAT doing in there?" but still, Miracle Whip in "guacamole"? Some things should never be committed to paper. :)

What are some scary recipes from food manufacturers that you either tried, or just like to laugh at?

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