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Thanks for Scarsdale Recs, and What I've Found Thus Far


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Thanks for Scarsdale Recs, and What I've Found Thus Far

fritzy | Mar 23, 2005 11:14 AM

A few months ago I posted because I was moving to Scarsdale and wanted some help. Many, many responses followed, and while I haven't gotten to everything yet, I wanted to post my initial impressions, which are mostly very positive.

1) Shopping. No great shopping exists. Food Emporium is probably the best of the bunch, and they have Eli's baguettes, which is a plus. Also, they're nice there, and it's also near the fish store and butcher, which is convenient.

Costco was fine but it takes the whole day and then you still have to go shopping for milk. I wouldn't say their produce was particularly great, either.

De Cicco's is of course convenient and has good produce and a nice selection, plus reasonably good in-house butcher, and is ridiculously expensive. If I want ridiculously expensive, I like to go to...

Balducci's, which has good mozzarella and a decent butcher and lots of fun things. Also, their bagels are very good. Tons of Earth's Best babyfood. I go here for fun and to get pancetta and other specialty stuff.

Eastchester fish market is good, ditto that butcher by there. And the Japanese market there was fun to look around.

Whole Foods is a hoax.

2)I love Aberdeen. I love eating there and I love having it delivered to my house. It is pricey, but it is way more delicious than I thought I would get in Westchester. No point in K. Fungs, which was okay, after eating that.

3)I don't know what to do about pizza. Is there good normal delivery stuff around? We haven't found it. We've done pick up from Francesco's and this is great but it takes a while. Would like to eat there sometime, it is great looking.

4)Ruffled Feathers is great. And they just started delivering. Everything is quite salty, which I like, and they even have very good chocolate chip cookies.

5)La Renaissance is not so good, except their La Renaissance cake, which by the way is better the longer you refrigerate it for. I haven't tried their palmiers, which look nice.

6)Is Zachys the only real wine store around? Nice selection, pleasant people, otherwise irritating vibe.

7)That Parkway Diner is a mob scene on the weekends, which is too bad because the food is good and I like the operation overall.

8)The burger at Piper's Kilt is delicious, plus the onion rings are not bad and the overall atmosphere is great. Really like that place.

9)Also like the bagel place across from the Hartsdale train station, although the bagels themselves are strangely puffy and the staff (not the owners) can be snippy when the crowds get going. Feels like the city, though, and the lox is for real.

We haven't really eaten out in Westchester yet, so nothing really to report there.

Things to do:

Try Tango Grill
Try the deli near the Eastchester fish market, also that place there that makes its own cannolis
Take a look at Mrs. Green's natural foods
Try La Manda's

Has anyone been to the Eastchester Fish Market's restaurant? It has been recommended to us. Also recommended was a Portugese fish restaurant in Silver Lake, anyone know anything about that? Aquario, maybe?

Thanks again for all your help.

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