Scanpan CTX or CTQ?

akmike | Sep 28, 201407:58 AM     4

I was surfing around the web yesterday, looking for a suitable replacement for a huge fry pan that my girlfriend seams to love. It's a huge ugly thing that doesn't fit in any of my cabinets, it's a pain to clean and dry, and I just hate it. So I was looking for something that 1) nonstick 2) stainless exterior to match the rest of my cookware 3) not made in China 3) must have a 12" cooking surface with at least 2.5" side height. 4) two (short) handles

The criteria above lead me to this Scanpan "Chef's Pan". I have not owned or used Scanpan before, so I know nothing about this brand. Amazon has this pan for sale from two different vendors. One from Sur La Table that they call the five layer CTQ, and from another listing direct from Amazon that is called CTX.



Both are similar in price. Both have a brushed finish and both say they are five layer. The only thing I can see that is different, is the lid.

Figured it might be worth asking if anyone here might know the difference between these two pans before buying one.

And if anyone has a suggestion for a different brand to look at, that meets the criteria I have listed above, please let me know.

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