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Savory Pancakes: Home Cooking Dish of the Month (Nov. 2012)


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Savory Pancakes: Home Cooking Dish of the Month (Nov. 2012)

L.Nightshade | Oct 31, 2012 10:44 PM

Welcome to the reporting thread for November's Home Cooking Dish of the Month, Savory Pancakes!

If you are interested in how we got here, please take a look at the voting thread:
And the nomination thread here:
There is always a lot of interesting discussion in the preliminary threads.

We've got a broad category this month, one that can encompass many world-wide cuisines. I thought Westminstress offered a particularly useful description of savory pancakes in the voting thread:
"… a savory batter, often containing veggies or protein, cooked in a skillet or on a griddle. Can be large or small. Love potato pancakes, okonomiyaki, and especially pa jun (Korean pancakes), but there are so many other good ones. Zucchini, sweet potatoes, beets, carrots, cabbage - all can be grated and turned into delicious pancakes! Add bacon, chopped shrimp, herbs, cheese, even oysters. (not all at the same time of course!)"

What we are cooking this month is a pancake with savory ingredients in the batter (or dough, in some cases), not a plain pancake with savory fillings. If you need inspiration, dkennedy did a lot of legwork, and presented a list of links here:

Everyone is welcome to participate, whether you've been a chowhound for years, or you're dipping in for the first time. You can make savory pancakes once, or every day. You can prepare a new recipe, an old favorite, or just invent something. Once you've made your pancakes, come back here and share your experience. Tell us a bit about your recipe, your ingredients, your preparation, and your results. Photographs are always welcome. If you are the first person to report on a recipe, please hit the reply button in this post. If you are responding to someone else's post, please hit the reply button in that post.

Please remember to paraphrase any recipes that are not your own; verbatim copying of recipes to the boards is a violation of the copyright of the original author. Posts with copied recipes will be removed.

I'll leave you with a Maltese proverb: "He who goes to bed hungry dreams of pancakes."
I'm not sure what that means, but let's start dreaming!

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