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souschef | Dec 4, 2008 05:58 PM

I have always liked the dessert called "Savarin", i.e. Baba au Rhum baked in a ring mould. When I saw it recently in Pierre Hermé's "Chocolate Desserts" cook book, I decided to try it out as it seemed to be so simple (done in a mixer). After a couple of iterations I have a few questions that I hope some Chowhouds can help me with.

1) With 180 gms of flour the recipe uses 6 eggs and 2.5 ounces of butter. I find the texture of the cake too light as I am used to a denser cake. I was thinking of cutting back on the eggs and increasing the amount of butter to, say, 4 eggs and 5 ounces of butter. Opinions? Another recipe I have does something like this.

2) In order to have enough syrup, and ensure that it was sweet enough, I had to double the amount of water and triple the amount of sugar. I am now satisfied with the sweetness level, but one of my taste testers says that it is too watery. How can I make the syrup denser without making it sweeter? If I boil it down a bit I may not have enough syrup. Maple syrup was suggested, but I find it too sickly sweet. Opinions?

I am pleased to report that no one complained that there was too much rum! However, I was thinking of using instead a combination of orange juice and Grand Marnier.

Hermé serves it with chocolate whipping cream, which I don't think I would do; I prefer Chantilly with this one.

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