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Saute vs. Fry vs. Skillet

marys1000 | Feb 23, 200808:22 AM

I'm not really that big a cook but I believe in good equipment. I have been chugging along with my small Analon Titanium (had for years and love) and a cheap simple T-Fal 12" non-stick for awhile.
I would like to get away from the non-stick thing and go to a large SS......obviously I thought fry pan. I got really bogged down in the copper, disk, all clad thing and finally decided on a Demeyere Atlantis fry pan, giving up copper (which I really think is best for electric because electric is slow to heat up and cool down and copper is so responsive to that) and going with all-clad (their other stuff is disk but not the frying pan)
Then....well what about that fond, deglazing thing? Simple thick sauces with carmelized or sauted veggies? Risotto with mushrooms? I have been using the T-fal and my LC dutch ovens as sort of a saute pan I guess.

Can a fry pan do double duty? Or should I go the other way around and do the skillet/saute pan as a fry pan?

-I'm usually only cooking for 2 so not a lot of volume in a fry pan to worry about
-I'm not ever a pan flipper when doing anything nor will I ever be
-I cook on electric
-My other pans are a large Le Creuset dutch oven (?) and the LC medium/small dutch oven and what I think is a "saucier" which I don't like that much, it ALWAYS gets a ring of heat bubbles in the same place where things burn fairly easily (have LC bottoms gotten thinner? this was a replacement for the old medium pot with a wooden handle) , and then the small pot with a handle.
The fry pan has no lid, but maybe my large LC dutch oven lid would sort of double well enough for the few times I would need it?


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