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Sausalito - Northpoint Coffee – six flavor down, 344 to go

rworange | Oct 18, 200503:21 PM     2

Chose the route home last night to take me past this new cafe so that on the warm evening I could sit out on their lovely patio on Richardson Bay and watch the sun set on Mount Tamalpais.

I bought a little dish sampling four more flavors of Palazzolo Gelato.

The mocha is just one of the best things I’ve tried recently.

The deeply flavored coffee ice cream had the thinnest most delicate flurry of chocolate shavings and when they landed on my tongue, they melted like chocolate snowflakes. That same feeling when it’s snowing and you catch snowflakes on your tongue.

The other flavors were nice, but that mocha was the star of the gelato bowl. It was hard to concentrate on anything else. Like wallflowers at a party, the other flavors faded into the background.

The shop only carries a dozen flavors and the owner said that the gelato company suggested carrying the more familiar flavors first. As long as they carry the mocha, I’m happy.

The shop seems to be getting over the opening crazies. I just wish they would label things, especially the gelato flavors. Palazzolo makes 15 flavors of vanilla alone and I’m not sure which vanilla Northpoint is selling.

Here’s what I’ve tried so far in order of preference with the company’s description … followed by my thoughts.

Cafe Mocha: Smooth coffee steeped with fresh cream and cocoa. Chocolate shavings folded throughout … my thoughts above.

Roasted Pistachio: Fresh roasted pistachios ground and steeped in cream with whole pistachios folded throughout … the uncolored white gelato has a pleasing pistachio flavor with the bonus of those whole pistachios folded in.

Fresh Pumpkin: Pumpkin flesh blended with ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon and fresh cream … nice mild smooth pumpkin that was barely spiced. Would not have known there was ginger in it without reading the description.

White Chocolate Raspberry: Sweet buttercream white chocolate chunks and whole red raspberries folded in fresh cream … well, nothing reminded me of butter cream, but it was a pleasant gelato and the raspberries were good. Don’t remember any white chocolate chunks though.

Sun Dried Cherry: Tart cherries cooked down and steeped in cream and folded with ground dried tart cherry specks … I think this is what they sell since it was the closest to the description. I would describe it as a mild dark cherry rather than tart. The cherries didn’t have the crunch I like in a cherry gelato.

Creme de Menthe Chip: Green creme de menthe liqueur steeped in fresh cream with chocolate mint pieces folded throughout … true crème de menthe flavor. The chocolate chips were disappointing after those delicate shavings in the mocha. The standard waxy tasting type of chocolate that comes in mint chip ice creams. If you are ok with that type of chocolate, you will like this.

When I hit the lottery, I'l order one of thos 27 flavor six ounce cup samplers directly from Palazzolo ($140).

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