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Sauerbraten cooked in a crock pot? Plus a bonus rant on cheap enameled cookware.

BabsW | Dec 20, 200910:25 PM

I am putting on a German dinner for Christmas Eve and now I'm flipping out over the cooking method for the Sauerbraten. I had planned on using my brand new Martha Stewart enameled dutch oven...until I read that they don't recommend cooking acidic foods in it. ??!!

What's the point of an enameled cast iron pot in which you can't cook acidic foods?! How does this distinguish it fro regular cast iron? Ugh. So yes, I acted in haste and now am repenting at leisure.

I haven't even used the pot yet but am freaking out at the prospect of bits of enamel floating in what could be a wonderful sauce for the meat. It may be premature - Hell I only just took the thing out of the box to check for chips in the enamel. It LOOKS just fine, but I wouldn't want to experiment with a questionable product on a big occasion, y'know?

So I am thinking of returning the pot to Macy's. I am torn: I'd love a Le Creuset of course, but this IS the holiday season and I have just dropped a load of cash on Christmas AND a kid's birthday, so it isn't as easy as "Just pony up the cash for a LeC already."

I have an enormous crock pot which is really wonderful. Now, I ask Chowhounds, is there a any reason I can not just marinate the meat as usual for the 3 days or so and then cook it in a crock pot? I know it's not traditional and while I do like to stick to traditional recipes and methods whenever possible, if another method produces tasty results, there's no reason to reject them out of hand, right?

What say you?

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