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Sariwon in Thornhill - horrible tonight

Royaljelly | Feb 21, 2008 07:09 PM

We just came back from dinner at Sariwon tonight and it was horrible from start to end. We walked into the front doors and was smothered in BBQ smoke. Their exhaust system must've been out of order or something, since I've never noticed it to be that bad. Although some tables were empty, there was still a huge lineup at the front and no one even came to acknowledge people that were waiting. A family tried to jump in behind us and sat themselves on a BBQ table that was supposed to be for us, and when I mentioned it nicely to the server who told us to wait for that same table, she then tells us that they arrive before us (which I was certain was not the case since I saw them come in with my own eyes behind us).

After we finally did get seated, another table that was seated after us got served first. There were 4 servers all running around like chickens with their heads cut off. We weren't even served tea until we asked twice with 2 different servers, and then we still didn't get it until after all the side dishes came.

On to the food... we made the mistake of ordering a kalbi that was non marinated and without bone. After doing the BBQ ourselves, it turned out to be the driest and toughest piece of expensive kalbi I've ever had (tasted like beef jerky towards the end). Not being satisfied at all, we then ordered a plate of marinated kalbi ribs that we usually get, and even that was overly fatty with a lot of tough laced throughout. I had to use my son's food scissors just be able to cut through it. When we asked for more servings of a particular banchan side dish, they told us politely that they had run out... I've eaten there many times and have never seen that happen before. A chicken soup dish was the most tasteless soup I've ever had.

Overall a very disappointing meal from all aspects, which is surprising since they usually have decent service and good quality food. I certainly won't be back for a long time.

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