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Santa Fe report

Aramis Martinez | Jul 2, 2005 07:40 PM

Lots of meals skipped, several catered, but there were several times we went out to eat. Here's what I thought.

Sat dinner: Tomasita's
Meh. No chips and salsa, which was bad considering the time we waited for a waitress, but after that she paid us lots of attention. The tamales were decent but nothing to write home about. The beans were not particularly flavorful, but the rice was good. The sopaipillas were top-notch, and we even had discussion over the nomenclature and merits of sopaipillas versus bunuelos.

Mon lunch: Atomic Grill -- huevos rancheros
I'm told the pizza (baked in a wood fired oven) was good. I was not impressed by my meal, though we got to introduce a Taiwanese girl to Frito pie. The beer selection was approved, rather extensive collection of microbrewery stuff. Slow service, but very friendly.

Mon dinner: catered BBQ from Cowgirl
People enjoyed the brisket a lot, those who chose chicken wished they had gone with the brisket because of the messiness (but no reports on the quality of it, just the messiness). The butternut squash casserole was simply delicious, I had to get another serving it was so good. The people who served and waited were fabulously good at mingling and chatting people up as they worked.

Tues lunch: Cafe des Artistes -- Bird and Berry
"Traditional Thanksgiving leftovers sandwich". Very good, and the other people I was with liked their sandwiches as well.

Tues dinner: Catamount Bar and Grill -- buffalo burger
Several billiards tables, which alllowed a bunch of us to continue a conference tradition of closing down the bar. The brunette behind the bar makes a good mojito, allowing me to introduce a number of people to this refreshment. The burger was good, though the fries were probably Sysco instead of fresh. If it's very busy, be careful not to do something that could confuse them; I closed out a tab (with a pool table) when we were done, then opened another one to keep drinking. They were very apologetic about losing my card, but they did. I got several free drinks out of it, ordered a new card, life is fine.

Wed lunch: Burrito Company -- red chicken enchiladas
The portion was just right, any more I would have been in a food coma, any less and I would have had to buy something else. Making the enchiladas with blue corn provides a nice visual contrast, and the chile was pretty good, spicy but not overpowering. The side was the traditional "Mexican salad", just lettuce and tomato to cleanse the palate. My dining companion couldn't finish her tacos but reported them to be scrumptious.

Thurs lunch: La Fiesta Lounge -- New Mexican buffet
Wish I remembered more, but hangovers do that. The red enchiladas were pretty good, the fire helping cute through the mental fog, but the beans were lacking. Though it's the traditional cure, for some reason I actually didn't have any menudo. The rice was ok, and there were fixins for Taco Hell-style tacos (didn't try). Make sure to check your bill, I almost got double billed.

Thurs dinner: Atomic Grill -- turkey burger w/ swiss and jalapenos
I'm used to pickled jalapenos on my burgers, so the fresh ones used were an interesting contrast. I guess it's been a good year, they were hotter than I expected, but removing some prevented them from overpowering the rest of the burger. Apparently they stop serving on Thursdays at 10 PM, so beware if you want some microbrewery goodness.

I would be willing to go back to Catamount, Burrito Co, and Cafe des Artistes. Cowgirl is a possibility but not my first choice. Atomic Grill only if the munchies strike after closing down Catamount since the kitchen is open til 3 AM. I can always find a Pancho's if I'm jonesing for some sopaipillas, so I wouldn't go back to Tomasita's. La Fiesta I cannot honestly evaluate since I was hurtin pretty bad.

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