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Just got back from two weeks in Puerto Rico what an amazing time wonderful food and people, hope to return soon. I only wished Porto Ricans ate more green vegetables.

El Jibarito (Old San Juan) –Puerto Rican Food- Inexpensive. Our favorite restaurant of the trip. Great food and great service. The yucca mofongo is AMAZING I could eat it every night. Loved the rice and beans that came as a side, the whole fried snapper is delicious. Other highlights included roast pork and onions, and did I mention the yucca mofongo? They have good sangria as well.

Marmalade (Old San Juan)-Fancy pants food- Spendy. Very profesional high end service. Another real winner of the trip went for my husband’s birthday with his parents and a friend of ours. Exceptional service!!!! I mentioned while making the reservation that this was for my husband’s birthday. They had us in a private space and had strewn rose petals across the tables! Hubby and I got the 6 course tasting menu while everyone else (not dedicated eaters like us) did not. With every one of our courses the kitchen sent out a taste to the other guests. This is a restaurant that does it right. Each dish was delicious and beautiful BRAVO to the chef and his staff.

If I have any complaints it is that some of the courses seemed too heavy for the weather. Although it was December it was still hot and muggy, the cream sauce on the pasta although delicious probably should not be served so close to a tropical rainforest.

Additionally our tasting menu portions were HUGE no question about it I was full at the end of this meal.

Tasca El Pescadore (sort of Condado)-Puerto Rican Fish-Inexpensive. Really wanted to eat here but they close at 7:30 the Puerto Rican restaurant next door that they recommended is not very good.

Bebo’s Café (Santurce)-Puerto Rican-Inexpensive. Very Very Very good food I had Patitas (pig feet) from the special menu I was soooooooo happy. Everything else was very good as well.

Café Del Angel (Condado)-Puerto Rican-Mid range. THE WORST FOOD OF OUR TRIP!!!!!

Hacienda Don Jose (Condado)- Puerto Rican- Midrange. Amazing view of the water while you eat. Very nice staff. Food was fine but not anything to write about. The rice and chicken soup was the best thing eaten here.

Yuquiyu Delights (El Yunque in the visitor’s center)- mixed food types- expensive for what you get. Our friend forced to eat here before our hike as he did not believe me when I told him that we could stop at a stand on the way up the mountain… Big Mistake Big Big Mistake

El Bosque Incantado (EL Yunque rain forest)- Puerto Rican snacks-Inexpensive Got some bacalaitos, and surullitos here YUM wish we had waited so we could have tried more of her fresh fried delicacies.

La Bombanera (Old San Juan)-Puerto Rican Bakery- YUM YUM YUM I loved the Mallorca here I want to eat them again I want to eat them now! Also on Saturdays that have a special breakfast menu scrambled eggs with bacala is one of my new favorite things.

CafiCultura(Old San Juan)- Coffee- mid range. Great coffee fod was so of but not great. Mallorca were much better at La Bombanera. But the coffee is better here.

Eight Noodle Bar (Condado in the Conrad Condado) Cantonese food. High mid-range. Actually fairly good Chinese food. They have a special menu that is reserved for Chinese people you must ask them for it. It is written in English. The beef lo mein off the regular menu is really good the

Cantonese dishes we tried off the Chinese menu were very good albeit expensive for. The lobster looked amazing but was a lot more then we wanted to spend.
Antonella’s Pizza (Old San Juan)-Pizza-Inexpensive- Really good New York Style Pizza
Via Appia (Condado)- Italian- mid range. fairly good old school Italian food.

Lechoneria Los Pinos (Guavate)-Inexpensive. OMG I think I died and went to heaven. The morcilla was fantastic the lechon amazing if heaven does exists this is what it look like. This was my absolute favorite place in all of PR. If you don’t speak Spanish ordering might be difficult but it is well worth it.

Café Carribea (Condado in the Conrad Condado) umm I guess it was fine for breakfast. We got burgers for our room one night and I think it was the worst burger I ever ate in my entire life. Taste, texture it was bad really really bad.

Umo (Condado)- Argentinian- Spendy. Good steaks and sides, had a Cesar Salad which as it was one of the first instances of fresh greens I had seen on my trip was extremely welcome although not a particularly great example of.

Danny’s International-eh had breakfast here once…

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