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OK San Diego, I think I've done my homework....

passing thru | Mar 7, 200812:31 PM

I have to go to San Diego next week on business, though unfortunately I am stuck in the Gaslamp since whenever I go to a professional gathering I get stuck in tourist town. (I'll be at the Westin @ 400 W broadway). After reading the boards, I'm thinking that I can hightail it out of there for dinners up at Super Cocina/Mariscos German, at least on the day i skip out of my thing early and head for the zoo. I do have a question or two, though: how late is Mariscos German open? It sounds like a truck operation, so I'm having trouble finding hours....Super Cocina looks like it's open 'til 8:30. if I go from the zoo or the hotel, it looks like maybe the 7 bus? Please let me know if that's the best route, and if there happens to be anything else chow-worthy up that way that I shouldn't miss while I'm in the neighborhood. I'm also toying with the idea of a cab to Asia Cafe, since Laotian food is not too common 'round this way. (Don't worry, I'm fully informed as to *what* to eat at these places already thanks to you all). I'm still not sure what might be my best option for Japanese food near my hotel though...would love to eat some fresh uni, but I think Izakaya Sakura (apparently the choice spot) is a little far. Any more tips on that score?

In the apparently dreaded Gaslamp, after searching many threads I think my seemingly best lunch options are Pete's Quality Meats, Sadaf and Athens Market Taverna. If there's a gem I'm missing, please hip me to it Lunch doesn't have to be anything fancy, just solid and relatively close to the hotel. I'd take any advice on potential breakfast spots nearby with the same distinction, I have scoured so many "avoid the gaslamp at all costs" threads that I'm a little flummoxed on that one--though in travelling I generally find that meal the easiest to find something reasonably OK, so it's not that big a deal.

Anyway, I've still got a couple days so I'll keep reading and trying to find other good spots and don't miss local specialties from the posters from S.D. who post such valuable info here, so please don't mistake this inquiry for yet another "staying in the gaslamp" shot in the dark...I'm just trying to refine my picks a little, I've only got three and a half days and my dance card is already filling up thanks to you. Just please let me know if I'm overlooking anything real close to what I've mentioned above, especially of Mexican flavor. Regardless, thanks in advance to what I've found here already, chowhound is *such* a great resource.l

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