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Salted, dry roasted peanuts without MSG?

thursday | May 16, 201002:36 PM     6

I'm not sure when this trend started, but I used to be able to find salted, dry roasted peanuts at almost every grocery store. Ingredient list: peanuts, salt.

All of a sudden, they're gone! There are roasted salted peanuts, but they're not dry roasted (and ingredients include canola oil). There are dry roasted peanuts with no MSG, but they're also unsalted. There seems to be every combination of roasted/seasoned/dry/salted/unsalted out there EXCEPT for the only kind I like. I can find them in the shell, but I like to keep a bag in the car for protein hits in the afternoon (I essentially work out of my car) and shelling while driving is not a good idea.

Why oh why does MSG need to be added to a product that's already salted?? And can anyone recommend a brand without the dreaded chemical and tell me where I can find them? (And before we get into a debate over how bad/harmless MSG is, I get migraines. I can't have it.)

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