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Saison Dupont continued-and Organic beer


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Saison Dupont continued-and Organic beer

HLing | Aug 21, 2001 09:40 AM

(Sorry Big Dog, here's a new thread.)

"I would be very surprised if they made a lager beer. They do make some other beers, however, but none I would view as a compromise.."

I misquoted. Let me try that again:

"Today only a little of Dupont's good pilsner is produced, "for the village" Dedeycker put it. Among the other Dupont beers is Moinette, related to Saison but two points stronger in alcohol....Dupont also makes an old-fashioned honey beer, lightly hopped, which tastes strongly of honey. And it made the first organic beer in Belgium; five Dupont beers are now organic. They taste slightly different from their nonorganic counterparts because the available organic malt and hops are different."
-from the Spring 2001 issue of the Art of Eating, "Real Beer in Belgium, the Greatest Brewing Country" by Edward Behr.

Speaking of organic beer. Any thoughts on that? So far I've had some Sam Smith, some Pinkus and something called "Jade" from Brasserie de Benifontaine
that's organic. Would love to hear if anyone else have had them.

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