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Saigon Bakery has the #1 Banh Mi


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Saigon Bakery has the #1 Banh Mi

vicvicvictoria | Feb 11, 2007 07:51 PM

I had to make a rant: I tried Banh Mi So today, and it was bad. Many people claim this to be the #1 Banh Mi joint in Manhattan, but I don't believe those people have ever been to Saigon Bakery. First of all, the banh mi at Banh Mi So was significantly smaller than the huge ones Saigon has that are enough to satisfy 2 people. Also, Banh Mi So's bread wasn't nearly as thick and fresh (leading to the issue of the sandwich not being big enough). I ordered a spicy chicken banh mi, and the chicken was salted way too heavily and was of pretty poor quality. Finally, the sauce they use is fairly heavy, kind of sweet stuff. Now don't get me wrong: 3.50 for a sandwich is still an incredible deal. I just don't see why people would go here when Saigon Bakery is right around the corner (on 138 Mott Street) and has much fresher, larger banh mi's. Enjoy!

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