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Sabuj Bangla: Fast becoming my favorite restaurant in London!

JFores | Feb 14, 200803:12 PM

Alright I ate at Sabuj Bangla for the 2nd time tonight. My first meal there was roi with rice and nothing else. It was very good, the best in London for me thus far, but it didn't seem to meet the places I frequented in NY. However, that changed tonight! I had kheski (small fish. Sorta like anchovies) with rice and dal. Really really excellent. No fishiness (which you get with them often. It might help that anything with kheski tends to be my favorite Bengali dishes.) It was just delicious with Bengali levels of spice (mild with mustard and green chillis.) It was quite oily, but not at all oil spill oily. I was actually surprised at how little oil there was. The dal (tarka btw) was well made and tasty. I finished my meal with a cup of cha and an excellent conversation with the waiter. Unfortunately the place was basically empty when I arrived. Soon after two women arrived who were wondering what to order. I said fish and rice! They thought it was too spicy, but oh well. Talking to the waiter, he said all the cooking is done by one older Bengali woman downstairs (take note, the food is in a case and out. Don't expect non-tandoori items fresh and generally you don't want a "curry" that was made in 5-10 minutes. They're supposed to sit and if anyone ever gives you rogan gosht (which has a cooking time of milleniums) in 5-10 minutes from a kitchen by afraid.) Ok back on topic. It was sooo good! The waiter also told me that they only cook their food for Bengalis and they don't expect Westerners to come in. He said that the ones who randomly do think it's too spicy (it's not spicy at all. Just Bengali spicy which is super mild.) and minutes after he said that the two women complained that the food was too spicy. Oh well. I need to get back here ASAP to try more. They had brain masala, biriyani, pomret, doi, bhal, kheski, ilish, lamb, beef, chicken, potatoes, cabbage and black chickpeas in the case. Oh, and dal, prakora, samosas, etc. For 8 quid (originally 8.75, but my waiter told me to just give him 8) I was quite happy. It's quite expensive compared to back home, but what I had tonight was better than my favorite place in Queens (at least for kheski. The other night wasn't.)

So yeah, go. It's on Brick Lane in the center of bad restaurant hell across from a kebab shop.

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