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My Sabatier/Amazon/Made in China Knives Arrived...


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My Sabatier/Amazon/Made in China Knives Arrived...

Dylan | Dec 30, 2002 02:11 PM

In a prior thread, people were speculating on the quality of the "Sabatier" knives Amazon was selling at absurdly low prices - critics pointed out these are made in China knives and not of the same quality as the French-made "Elephant" Sabatiers. I agreed with this but was still curious whether the Amazon knives were any good, so I invested the $35 (or was it $40?) to find out.

The set I ordered was the "Perfect Grip," which looked like the best ones to me based on the pictures (they weren't the cheapest set, but I figured the extra $5 might be worth it!). The set included a bunch of knives plus the block and kitchen shears.

Bottom line- I was very impressed with the set. These are reasonably heavy knives, with a very sharp carbon steel blade and comfortable grips. No, they aren't Wusthof's, but they are infinitely better than most of the low end knives I've seen. I'm going to use my set for guests cooking in the kitchen; I think this would also make a great gift for a starting chef.

By the way, the block and the kitchen shears are both very nice and solid.

I don't know if Amazon is still selling these for the same price, but I definitely recommend the set for under $50. (Remember, I got the Perfect Grip; some of the other models appear to have a different blade, so caveat emptor.)

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