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Chris Muller | Dec 31, 2005 01:40 PM

Yesterday I had lunch at the Rye Bar and Grill in Rye, NY. I was extremely disappointed at the quality of the entire experience. Not only was the food highly unacceptable but the reaction of the host was even more unacceptable when confronted with the notion that the food was not prepared properly. The people I was with each ordered a burger. One asked for the burger to be cooked medium and the other requested that the burger be cooked medium-well. When the burgers were brought to the table, the "medium" burger was entirely pink inside and the meat was actually mushy and raw inside. The medium-well burger was cooked inside but still rather pink. When we brought this to the attention of the host he explained that these burgers were just as we asked and that that was the restaurant's definition of medium and medium well. When I stated that the one burger had not even reached the rare stage since the meat was still mushy, he said fine we will cook it more for you. He returned shortly thereafter to inform us once again that the burgers were prepared in accordance with the restaurant's definition of medium-well and medium. Approximately 10 minutes later our waiter came over to see how everything was and realized that we no longer had two of our dishes - it was obvious that there was no communication between the host and the waiter. Eventually, the same two burgers were brought to the table and they were cooked to the desired levels. One was very-slightly pink in the inside (medium) and the other had no signs of pink inside (medium-well). While all of this was going on we observed that two people at the table next to us also sent their fish back because it was under-cooked.

In a day and age where there is so much concern about bacteria in food, one would think that a restaurant such as this would be concerned with this type of issue. Instead of simply apologizing and saying that they would rememdy the issue as soon as possible - we had to have the host attempt to inexplicably justify the restaurant's definition of what constiuted medium and medium-well.

Also since my meal (a salad) was done this delayed our entire meal for approximately 30 minutes. We were offered no apology nor was any adjustment made or offered on our bill such as simply "comping" our sodas.

Rye Bar and Grill charges more than your traditional bar and grill even for the standard bar food items which they sell - as a result, they should at least serve quality food which is equal to the cost. Additionally, the dining area and untensils should at least be presentable. The salt and pepper shakers were crusted over with some sort of substance, the wall next to the table had food on it and one of your knives was bent to a curve on the top. The combination of these factors made this one of the worst dining experiences I have had in ages. I will never return to this establishment and recommend others do the same so long as this is the way business is conducted. Sadly, most of this could have simply been avoided by a timely apology from the host for the condition of the food rather than the arrogant justification he attempted to offer for the sub-par prepation of the food.

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