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More rules of thumb?


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More rules of thumb?

C. Fox | Nov 7, 2001 01:04 PM

Can't seem to find the previous "Chowhound Rules of Thumb" topic, so I'm starting a new thread for these. Tell me, are these sound rules of thumb, or just my idiosyncratic prejudices?

- Has anyone ever had a good meal at a restaurant that has one of those little rounded blue awnings over the door? I haven't. Red awnings, maybe. Blue and white stripes are fine -- one of my very favorite Italian places has those. But not solid blue.

- This may have been mentioned the first time around, but I avoid like the plague any place with "Company" or "Factory" in the name -- as in "Spaghetti Factory" or "The Pizza Co." or whatever. I like my food cooked, not manufactured, thank you.

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