My Rubber Cutting Board Experience (Sani-tuff)

Chemicalkinetics | Aug 7, 201012:18 PM     6

Earlier, I posted a NY Times article on rubber cutting board.


I kept seeing these rubber cutting boards in restaurant supply stores, but not in regular departmental stores. I wanted a new cutting board. Although my large round chopping block is fine, it is more than 4.5 inch thick and when I use a wide blade knife like a Chinese chef’s knife, my hand will be above my elbow and that is non-ergonomic.

In short, I bought a Sani-tuff rubbter cutting board and just tried it. I bought the thinnest and cheapest one ($27) as a testing board. It is 12” x 18” X ½”. If I really like it, I may get a more expensive one in the future. There was one which costs >$110; very thick (maybe 5 inches thick), and very heavy (more than my wooden chopping block).

It does not feel soft, but the moment I started cutting on it I knew it is soft because the surface tightly grabs my knife blades. I tried my CCK Chinese chef’s knife and my Tojiro usuba bocho. After I am done cutting, I can see many knife marks on the board. Most of them have sealed themselves closed, so that is very much like an end grain cutting block. The label on the board and the NY Times article suggest that these rubber boards can be resurfaced by sanding and that sound very attractive.

I will update.

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