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Root/Fall Vegetable Recipes

Ellen | Sep 19, 2005 01:12 PM

Now that all of those great fall vegetables are coming into the farmers markets, I'm thinking of interesting ways to prepare them.

I have a great recipe for potato Latkes, which I like to serve with caviar and sour cream. I was wondering how that might translate to a slightly healthier dish using sweet potatoes and good quality plain yogurt instead of sour cream. The recipe calls for shredding and soaking and wringing out white potatoes prior to making the batter. Would this be necessary or even work for sweets? Is there a better way?

Sweet potato pancakes made out of leftover mashed potatoes are good too.

I'm also considering making "latkes" with a mix of white potatoes and turnips. I already mix turnips in with regular potatoes when making mashed potatoes. It lightens them a bit and adds a nice flavor. Should I treat the turnips just like the potatoes?

As for cabbage, thinly slicing it and tossing with EVOO, sea salt and roasting in a 400+ oven for 15 or so minutes really transforms that vegetable. This approach also works for just about any root vegetable, cauliflower too, but the cooking times differ.

I'm also thinking of making a mashed potato and shredded cabbage cakes. Does anyone have a recipe for that? Or that Irish dish whose name escapes me right now?

And this doesn't even get to all of the squashes...which should probably be the topic of another thread.

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