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Cindy | Dec 13, 200503:36 PM

We will be in Rome for two weeks at the end of this year. We have been there several times now & tried many restaurants, but found Rome food to be spotty, from great to mediocre or worse. There are many places I have on my list to try, and before someone posts the requisite, “Do a search of this board”, comment, I have indeed done exhaustive research on this board and elsewhere to compile my list. I am looking for up to date commentary on my choices from those who may have visited any in the past year or two. Please also comment on any places not on the list that are also good, but my basic guidelines are that we do not like formal restaurants (no La Terraza dell Eden, Agata e Romeo), do not eat fish (no La Rosetta, Quinze e Gabrielli), and do not eat offal (no Checchino). While money is not the factor, it is that we prefer trattorias with authentic atmosphere (we especially love low lighting & romantic rustic places, which are hard to find in Rome) and traditional food over any modern style places & cuisine when in Italy.

Here are a list of some places we have been and will probably not return:

Osteria dell’Ingegno: Food is decent, but prices doubled in last year & not worth it
Gusto: (Upstairs Fine Dining room) Fabulous room, happening buzz, but awful food (Mgmt actually argued with me that my carbonara was supposed to be ice cold!) & bad service. However, people love the downstairs pizzeria & there is also some other restaurant on the back side (?) so may have to try those
Hostaria Nerone: Unremarkable food & tourist thronged
Enoteca Taverna Caprinica: Very poor service, food not great
Ferrara: Wonderful ambiance, but absolutely lousy food, service & attitude
Bramante: Hip, lively & very romantic, but food bland & underseasoned
Al Bric: Great wine list, food leans a bit French & is not great for $, scattered service
Antico Arco: Lovely restaurant, good food, but far too similar to many US restaurants
Vineria Il Chianti: Nice place, good food, terrible service, waited 1 hour+ btwn courses
Matricianella: Lively, my food was so-so, my husband’s great, maybe we will try again
Girarrosto Fiorentina: Brightly lit with passable food American tourist mill
Enoteca Antica di Via Della Croce: Very nice ancient atmosphere full of romans, food not so good, however

Here are some places we love:

Ditirambo: Our favorite at the moment, everything is so fresh & made in house, great wine list
Colline Emilliane: Unbelievably good Bolognese food in a bright sterile setting
Cavour 313: Great wine bar for snacks or light lunch near Forums
Il Bacaro: Romantic, cozy room with fabulous food and great friendly service
Tavernetta 48: Cheap little trattoria where we ate more tasty food (5 courses!) than any human should and washed it down with Brunello & the tab only comes to around 85 euros for 2
Giolitti: Love the chocolate here, if there is better chocolate elsewhere, tell me!
Cul de Sac: Great food, service & extensive wine list, open late

Here is a list of some places we want to try & this is where we need input:

Al Moro
Il Ciak
Trattoria Monte
Da Mario
Da Pietro
Da Vittorio
Dal Cavalier Gino
Il Buco
Da Sergio
Armando al Pantheon
Osteria al Galetto
Il Sanpietrino
Girarrosto dal Toscano
Checco er Carettiere
L’Orso 80
Al Fontanone di Trastevere
Al Ceppo
Sora Lella
Da Giggetto
Da Lucia
Sora Margherita
Enoteca Corsi
Dal Cordaro
Trattoria Lilli
La Buca di Ripetta
Pizza: Recommendation for Naples style pizza (not paper thin roman)

Thanks in advance for any assistance & I will be sure to post a detailed review on all places when I return!

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