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My First Roasted Chicken.... results!


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My First Roasted Chicken.... results!

Mr. Taster | Nov 16, 2005 12:23 PM

For a primer on last night's roasted chicken escapade, please refer to my original post below. Note that the original recipe linked through the link below!

Here was my process:
- Kosher/prebrined chicken (3.5 lbs), seasoned overnight with salt and pepper and sage under the skin. I was worried it would be too salty, so I rinsed the salt off around 11:00am. Then dried the bird with paper towels.
- Around 5:30pm, pizza stone on middle rack of gas oven
- Preheated oven for about 45 minutes with nonstick rack on bottom of oven
- I picked up a cheap nonstick pan/rack for $10 at K-mart... more like a heavy baking pan than a proper roasting pan. The rack is shaped with a flat bottom and flared ends. Chicken was small, and so lay flat on the rack and was not pinched on the sides.

The results are as follows:
- The kosher (and therefore pre-brined) chicken I used did not taste overly salty, despite the fact that I seasoned overnight with a generous amount of salt and pepper
- Placed the chicken right side up in roasting pan, directly onto my pizza stone in preheated 425 oven.
- After 15 minutes (per recipe) there was barely any browning. I left it on for another 15 minutes, and cranked the heat to about 460. When I checked, the bird was starting to turn nicely golden.
- Inserted my probe thermometer into the breast, alarm set for 165
- Turned down heat per recipe to 350
- Waited about 40 minutes... alarm goes off. We get very happy
- I decided to try and find the thigh. I am unfamiliar with chicken anatomy but finally did it. Temp of thigh: 135. oy.
- At this point I know I'm going to get dry breast meat. I baste with pastry brush (despite alton brown's warning that basting does nothing for moisture or flavor), not knowing what else to do.
- another 30 minutes or so before thigh meat reaches 165. Breast meat is not at about 189.


Perfect dark meat. As expected, dry breast meat (though not as dry as I thought... it still retained a little moisture)

So, dear hounds, what did I do wrong? It seems when you have such a wide discrepancy between finishing times that there is little that can be done! I know that in Alton Brown's turkey episode, he puts a little aluminum foil shield over the breast meat, after initial browning. World this have worked with my little chicken? Would basting actually have helped? I would think that the repeated opening of the oven to baste would slow down the cooking time and dry out the bird even more.

Please advise.... thanks hounds!

(pictures to come...)

Mr. Taster

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