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Getting rid of garlic breath

bitsubeats | Mar 27, 200803:11 PM

okay i LOVE garlic (because i'm half korean) and well last weekend I went to a huge korean birthday party for my mom's friend's husband. Of course there were lots of great things to eat, but i couldn't stop eating the sashimi. Now if you ahve had korean sashimi, you know that you eat thick slices of the fish with slivers of RAW garlic and raw chiles. I had a lot of the sashimi and subsequently a lot of the garlic. I even dipped raw slices of garlic into the chojang (gochujang mixed with vinegar & sugar).

For the next 3 days I REEKED of garlic. I brushed my teeth 50 million times, gargled, and yes cleaned my tongue. No matter what i couldn't get the odor out of me. My boyfriend even made fun of me (thankfully it didn't bother him that much).

I dont want to stop eating raw garlic, so whats a good way to get rid of the smell? Do i have to stop eating it? and believe me cooked garlic has NOTHING on eating raw garlic....holy moly I am not kidding when I say that the smell didnt leave me for over 3 days

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