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Rhett's, new burger joint at BU


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Rhett's, new burger joint at BU

tamerlanenj | Oct 31, 2007 08:05 AM

A new greasy spoon type burger joint, in the vain of Flat Patties and UBurger, has opened up in the BU student union food court. It's called Rhett's, and I believe it is an original, not a franchise chain.

My first though is that this is a HUGE blow to Uburger, as Rhett's offers almost the exact same type of menu, plus all conceivable ice cream options. However, its ability to challenge Uburger would, of course, depend on being as good as Uburger (not that that would be any monumental feat).

I had a burger there yesterday, but did not get a chance to try the fries...which of course will be a big deal. First observation, Rhett's and UBurger TASTE completely different. Rhett's burgers are grilled, not griddled like UBurger, and one cannot underestimate the effect that simple change has on taste. While UBurger has that greasy, flavor-bomb-esque fast food taste, Rhett's taste more like a backyard fourth of july burger. Frankly, I vastly prefer the griddle to the grill: I think that an open flame is a horrible thing to subject a burger to, when one could opt instead to have it happily sputter in its own juicy goodness. And, sure enough, Rhett's do seem a bit...dryer than Uburger, even given the fact that the burger seems to be a bit more pink inside. So, score one for the griddle, I'm going to give the nod to UBurger here.

Of coures, folks, like UBurger, you cannot have you burger cooked to a specified temperature, which I still think is a crock, but apparently I'm in the minority, so c'est la vie.

The cheeseburger I had was topped with cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, and a sauce that appeared to be EXACTLY the same as Uburger's spread. The bun was a bit bigger than Uburgers, which threw off the ratio a bit for me. Size of the two burgers was very comparable...I think about 1/4 pound.

I think in the end it will come down to personal preference. Both places make a decent, not great or even really good, burger. If you prefer the greasy-griddled taste of In 'n Out or Flat Patties, like I do, you'll probably stick with UBurger. If you like a backyard open flame grilled taste (think Flamers), then you might prefer Rhett's.

However, since almost nobody but BU students eat in the Union, I doubt most hounds will care. :-)

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