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Review of my new carbon steel knives, finally...

bellybones | Sep 22, 201001:15 PM

I have been wanting a new set of kitchen knives for a while now. I hate my set of stainless knives with a passion. Really.
My husband finally took the hint and got me a set for my birthday. I’ll report on his experience and mine.
He read up on kitchen knives and decided on carbon steel. We have an old one that was his mothers, and even though it must be a hundred years old, it cuts really nicely and always seems sharp. It must be 100 years old. I am not intimidated by carbon steel anymore, as know how to keep carbon knives clean. I use Bon Ami and a sponge and it cleans it nicely.
So unbeknownst to me, he tied different searches and carbon steel kitchen knife did it. This man works only with carbon steel and has been at it for 30 years.
The man’s site is filled with information and choices, and so he decided to call him and see if he could cut to the chase ( the site suggested to call on his site). He was not home, but Michael called him back at work, within 2 hours. This was a secret purchase.
The maker and my husband talked for 45 minutes, which led to our order. He said the maker was polite and was more than willing to describe his work, and offered some key suggestions, like a custom handle and he helped him decide what would make a rounded set for my kind of cooking and prepping. All is his work is 1/16th inch thick, which makes for a light blade with a substantial wood and brass handle.
My sweetee got me a:
4” kitchen knife, which is now my paring knife. They felt the 4” would suit more than the 3 inch paring. I love it.
A 2.5 wide 6” and 8” long kitchen knives, as well as a Honkotsu ( boning knife ).
The last knife was a 1 ¼” wide 7 inch long beauty.
They came with rosewood handles and sharp as sharp can be. Michael sent a power point thing about care and sharpening too. My opinion after 3 weeks is I really like them a lot. I wanted hand made knives that we could keep for the rest of our lives, and my husband wanted them to be easy to maintain and affordable without having to wait a year. We do not put them in the dish washer.
Well, they sharpen ( or as Michael said, hone ) up beautifully and I actually do it myself. Now I have knives that work wonderfully, and are always sharp and pretty. Thank you, my honey for my birthday gift !!
Oops – the guys name is Michael Moses Lishinsky and his company is at wildfirecutlery.com.

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