Help return peace to our kitchen: cookware recommendations


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Help return peace to our kitchen: cookware recommendations

sailrox | Dec 22, 2012 01:07 PM

I cook. I cook a lot. I spend enough time doing it that I've learned (sometimes the hard way, sometimes the easier way) how to take care of my cookware.

Don't add ice water to a hot pan lest it warp.
Don't use steel wool on a non-stick pan.
Don't scrape away burned bits with a knife and scratch away the coating to crumbs.

The trouble is, my husband is a much less experienced cook, and although he's actively trying to improve, my pots and pans are suffering greatly from his efforts. I've already had to throw out three irreparable pans, and I'm on my way to another.

What's the best solution here? Is there cookware out there that is virtually indestructible but still enjoyable to use for a more advanced cook? Or should I just give up and let him keep trashing my pans, while keeping a secret set for me?

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